New Features For The Yahoo’s OneSearch Application

Yahoo has recently released updates for its voice activated mobile search application. One search by yahoo has included some new features for both of its shortcut and full operating application.

yahoo onesearch search suggestions

The plug in device will allow its user to type or speak required searches into the screen of the mobile phone.
Yahoo included this application to some Nokia phones last year but they took their time when creating the rest of the mobile platforms.

The features of the new plug in offer location finder, this is done by using the signal from mobile phone masts to pinpoint your exact location. It will then produce you with a list of businesses within your area.

Yahoo have taken their time to catch on with this voice activation feature as Google has had this for just over 12 months and Windows live search have had this feature sine last month.

Another popular feature is how yahoo will offer suggestions for your query just as it does with its computer search engine. Quite like predictive text can save a little time.

The yahoo voice search application is not exactly worldwide, you will find the application compatible with many windows phones that already have the on search application but this is only in America. You may find very few models in Hong Cong, Taiwan and Australia but that is as far as it goes for now.

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