Yahoo’s Zimbra Desktop 1.0 Released (Apr. 30, 2009) — Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop 1.0 is available as a free download for Windows and Mac. It has diversity in sharing Zimbra documents.

zimbra1Zimbra is open source server software for email and collaboration – email, group calendar, contacts, instant messaging, file storage and web document management.

Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop is a free email and calendar client which runs on any Windows, Apple or Linux desktop computer.

Zimbra differentiates itself from Mozilla’s Thunderbird e-mail client and from Gmail in its amphibian nature as both an online and offline in-box.

You’re can access Yahoo and Gmail contacts, calendars, and messages in Zimbra, as well as POP or IMAP e-mail from AOL, Hotmail, or your office.

Zimbra also sees itself as a central in-box for all your e-mail, contacts, and calendar information. It has unlimited storage and support for 20 languages.

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