Your Gmail Inbox can be Prioritized (Apr. 17, 2009) — Former Gmail engineer Gabor Cselle has built a new system for prioritizing all the emails in your inbox. It’s called ReBoxed, it relies on crowdsrouced A/B preference voting on email senders.

GmailLet us see its work. First ReBoxed uses Gmail’s wonderful Contacts API to grab your Gmail contacts list without asking for your password within a few minutes.

Then you’re shown 20 pairs of contacts who have sent you email recently and asked which sender in each pair tends to send the most important emails.

You can also designate any of the contacts as always high-priority, mark them as a non-human source for placement in a bulk sender box or say that you don’t recognize either name.

You can not prioritized the two contacts are of equal importance, says Cselle.

All of the prioritized contacts are then analyzed from all users in anonymous aggregate to decide the general priority level of senders.

The end result is a new window into your Gmail inbox. Your emails are more or less chronological there but bulk senders are seperated and your priorities, presumably with some influence via everyone else’s priorities, also influences the order things are displayed in.

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