Now News Near You on YouTube (Aug 3, 2009) — YouTube has created a News Near You feature that senses a user’s location and serves up a list of relevant videos. This features started in the spring.

youtube-newsYouTube is asking news outlets to sign up as partners and promising a wider audience for their material.

This year, YouTube began featuring breaking news videos — including ones submitted by citizens in Iran, where protests are being captured by cellphone users — on its home page.

YouTube’s push to organize local news video began in earnest in the spring when the News Near You module was introduced. The module uses the Internet address of a visitor’s computer to determine the user’s location and whether any partners are located within a 100-mile radius.

To date, almost 200 news outlets have signed up with YouTube to post news packages and split the revenue from the advertisements that appear with them.

The company planned to invite over 25,000 news sources listed on Google News to become video suppliers this summer. It is also promoting videos from ABC News, The Associated Press, Reuters and other outlets.

YouTube’s sheer breadth — it is visited by 100 million Americans each month.

So far, the localized videos are no replacement for a print or TV diet of news.

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