Zoombak Tracks Your Car, Your Spouse

Technology.am (Apr. 24, 2009) — Zoombak has launched a transmitter that secretly tracks the movements of your spouse, children or employees. Its size is 2.9 by 1.7 by 0.8 inches, 2.5 ounces, priced at $100 and charge $15 a month for unlimited tracking.

zoombak_tracksZoombak suggests that you can install its locator on things like your car, your pet’s collar, your child’s backpack, your luggage etc. Zoombak works even when it’s hidden inside a glove compartment. But you might blow your cover when you retrieve it for charging every three or four days.

At Zoombak.com, you can click Find Now to see where the transmitter is at the moment, accurate to within a few yards and displayed on a Microsoft Earth map.

You can also set up the Zoombak to notify you, by text message or e-mail, when someone tries to turn the thing off, or when the battery dies.

You can fix up to five points or addresses with a radius. You might define a 200-yard circle. After that, you can set up automatic, free alerts for those locations. When your trackee enters or leaves one of these zones, you get a text message, an e-mail message or both.

You can also ping the Zoombak at any time from your cellphone, once you’ve registered that phone on the Web site.

Once Zoombak determines its location using GPS, it transmits that information to you using the cellular network.

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