Zune HD 16GB for $220, 32GB for $290 going on sale on September 8

Technology.am (Aug. 11, 2009) — The upcoming Zune HD, in black or silver, will be available in two flavors: 16GB ($220) and 32GB ($290) and going on sale on September 8. Those prices are pretty cheap compared to the current iPod touch pricing, so the Zune HD is looking super competitive.

zune-engMicrosoft’s digital and entertainment zone Zune HD, which will be a tough contender to Apple’s iPod Touch.

The Zune HD gizmo comes with a 3.3” OLED touch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a screen resolution of 480×272 and with its multi-touch navigation system you can easily switch between movies, music and other content just at a touch.

In addition to OLED screen, it also offers HDTV, full-screen Web browser, HD radio support, and full support for 720p video though its HDMI out port.

The full screen web browser, which uses touch screen version of Microsoft’s popular Internet Explorer so you can browse your favorite blogs or even check your mail with ease using its QWERTY keyboard.

The wireless network i.e. Wi-Fi support lets you connect, update, and buy content wirelessly from Wi-Fi hot spots over the web or you can turn your device into a portable jukebox by streaming millions of songs over Wi-Fi directly to your Zune HD.

In June 2009, Redmond confirmed that the device would be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra.

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